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Welcome to the Fit City Tualatin for Worksite Wellness

The Fit City Worksite Wellness Program is available to businesses in Tualatin to offer
helpful suggestions and resources to make the workplace a healthier environment. 

Worksite Wellness Tool Kit for Chamber Businesses

Workplace or Corporate Wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. At the Tualatin Chamber, our Fit City Program has put together a Tool Kit to help chamber businesses get their program off the ground. The kit includes three components: On-line Resources, A Lunchtime Wellness Speakers Bureau, and On-site Health Fairs.

Why consider worksite wellness programs? Worksite wellness programs inspire people to improve their health and their lives. They benefit both employer and the employees. Studies have found that healthy employees are happier employees. The result is increased productivity in the workplace and decreased number of missed workdays and visits to the emergency room. This is of course a cost saving for both employer and employee!

At least 50 percent of your organization’s health care costs may be driven by lifestyle related behaviors of employees, such as smoking, poor diet,
and lack of exercise.

In the past 10 years, the annual return on investment for worksite wellness programs has been as much as $6 saved for every $1 spent, doubling the return on investments of earlier programs:

Savings realized by some of the largest employers in our country, e.g.

Motorola         $3.15

General Mills   $3.90

Kennecott  $5.78

Coors               $6.15



Dollars returned on investment.

The average reduction in health plan costs, sick leave, disability costs, and workers’ compensation is more than 25 percent for well-designed worksite wellness programs.

      On-line Resources

Are you looking for information on how to start a wellness program at your workplace? Do you want reliable health related articles to have available to employees on certain diseases or diagnosis? Perhaps you want to have a display in the employee lounge in November for Diabetes Awareness month. Where do you go? Check out these websites to get started.

     1.     Wellness Proposals

Welcome to the world’s largest free wellness library and health library! Here you’ll find more than 15,000 free health and wellness related resources of all types including handouts, posters, lunch and learn presentations, wellness newsletters, guides, tool kits and more.

Some things in life really are free. These 12 free wellness program tool kits are just that – FREE. Wellness Proposals scoured the Internet for free wellness program resources to assist you in your efforts to promote health and wellness.

Most of the free wellness program tool kits found on this page come from government agencies and many of them include everything you need to design, launch, maintain and evaluate a wellness program.

The Building Healthy Texans is the only wellness program tool kit I have explored in depth from Wellness Proposals.  The PDF below starts with a great table of contents on page 1 to see what may interest you. Page 5 has a brief cost/benefit analysis.   Page 6 starts the section on cost per employee for different levels of program from $1 – $112/per employee.

       2.     Spark People

SparkPeople is the fastest-growing healthy living community in the world-and the only site of its kind that is completely FREE. With SparkTeams, creating a custom program is very simple and will provide employees a custom fitness and nutrition plan.

This is a PDF overview of their Employee wellness offering which is all Free.

3.      American Diabetes Association

4.      American Heart Association

5.      Legacy Health


Are you interested in having a Lunchtime Speaker or having a Health Fair at your Business? 

Contact Debbie Dehler 

Click here for Lunch Time Wellness Speakers Bureau information


Click here for Health Fair Information 





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