Portland ranks No. 5 for fitness

Portland Business Journal

The Portland area was ranked as the country’s fifth most-fit city, according to the American Fitness Index produced by the American College of Sports Medicine.

The region’s strengths and advantages included:

• Lower death rate for cardiovascular disease.

• More acres of parkland per capita.• High number of primary health care providers per capita.• A lower percentage or smokers, and a lower percentage of the population with diabetes.

• More farmers markets per capita.

 Opportunities and challenges included:

 • Higher death rate for diabetes.

• Fewer recreation centers and swimming pools per capital.

• Lower level of state requirements for physical education classes.

 The top five cities were Washington, D.C., at No. 1, followed by Boston, Minneapolis and Seattle. Oklahoma City ranked No. 50, the lowliest city.

 The complete report is here.

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