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Help your family move forward after last week’s shooting!

Since the mall and school shootings last week, many people feel out of control and uneasy.   Many debates have come up regarding gun control, looking at ways mental health is treated and looking for ways to prevent other tragedies like this in the future.
We cannot control what others do, we can only control our actions and reactions.  One action we can all take is to advocate, stand up and be heard for what you believe in.  Taking action will help you feel less anxious and more in control.  Enough people taking action will result in positive change – for ourselves, our family and our community.
Children thrive and will heal with consistency and routine.  Our schools are taking a “business as usual” approach. As adults, we need to be empowered and can do this by taking action.  Find a community event and get your family involved.  Small acts of kindness will result in huge change.
Please share any acts of kindness you’ve performed or witnessed.  You may inspire someone to do their own act of kindness.  We all could all use a great story!



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